The primary tasks of Uzbekistan's foreign policy are the building of a democratic society,
ensuring national security, increasing the role of our country in the international arena ...
sustainable development of the national economy and, finally, the entry of our country into the number of developed countries of the world.

Today Uzbekistan's light industry is one of the strategically important and dynamically developing sectors of the national economy. The introduction of new production technologies, the use of high-performance, modern equipment, combined with efficient management, ensures high labor productivity in the enterprises of the industry, and an increase in the volume of industrial production.

For a long time the republic exported only cotton fiber, today it has unlimited opportunities to win leading positions in the world textile market, not only as a supplier of cotton fiber, but also as an exporter of textiles, especially finished products. To date, a significant part of light industry enterprises of the republic is owned by JSC "Uzbekengilsanoat", which unites enterprises of cotton, silk, knitted, garment and other industries.

At the same time, it should be noted that 75% of the textile products produced in the country are owned by joint and foreign enterprises equipped with the most modern equipment of the world's leading textile machinery companies, such as Trutzschler, Zinger (Germany), Ritter (Switzerland) "Toyota", "Murata" (Japan), "Savio", "Orizoli", "Marzoli" (Italy), etc. Today there are 171 enterprises of the textile industry (textile, sewing and knitting, silk enterprises).

Export of textile products

JSC "Uztrade" pays much attention to the export of cotton fiber processing goods. To date, our company can offer a wide range of manufactured in Uzbekistan textile products, such as cotton yarn, various types of fabrics, ready-made garments and knitwear.

JSC "Uztrade" also has the opportunity to carry out wholesale deliveries of finished knitted products of men's, women's and children's assortment according to your order.

Nomenclature of export products:

ready knitted and garments

cotton yarn

fabrics, cotton

knitted fabric

hosiery and

Raw silk threads